Fish to help raise money for Mind
Band to headline all-day fund-raiser in Southwick
26 Apr 2018 by martinfish

Fish to warm up Bad Manners crowd
Onstage deep-fried lard-off
24 Mar 2018 by martinfish

Cooper & Blonde to make Brighton debut
The Two Runnies bring home the bacon
08 Jan 2018 by martinfish

Cooper & Blonde ride again
The music hall offshoot to return to the Duke on 24 August
02 Aug 2017 by martinfish

Fish get in the festival spirit
Two festival-focused gigs in next fortnight
05 Jul 2017 by martinfish

Well forked but not dead yet
What's happened to The Fish Brothers?
26 Feb 2017 by martinfish

Fond memories of Jersey Chris
One of the few to witness the birth of the w***ing bear
09 Jan 2017 by martinfish

RIP Robert Dellar
Tribute to a remarkable man
19 Dec 2016 by martinfish

Annual Fishmas Party (Central) show announced
It's not that near Xmas but you know it makes sense
18 Nov 2016 by martinfish

Fish Brothers announce Annual Fishmas Party (East)
Merry Fishmas everybody
04 Nov 2016 by martinfish

Fish Brothers triple gig whammy!
Fatty's birthday bash, Halloween and NYE shows announced
18 Aug 2016 by martinfish

Three Cheers For Chunky Charnsworth
Mourning the man behind the spawning of The Fish Brothers
08 Mar 2016 by martinfish

We weally weally wock in Worthing
as part of our whistle-stop-start Xmas build-up tour
30 Nov 2015 by martinfish

Annual Fishmas Parties announced
Celebration(s) to take place in both East and West Sussex again this year
24 Nov 2015 by martinfish

Halloween Special
With a very special guest
13 Oct 2015 by martinfish

It's the Welcome Back Chesty show
Rocker ready to really rock it on return
01 Oct 2015 by martinfish

Chesty on road to recovery
Gigs unlikely until he's on his feet
08 Sep 2015 by martinfish

Gigs cancelled
Illness concerns lead to concert call-offs
12 Jul 2015 by martinfish

Fish back at The Bugle
May Day with the mighty Fish
22 Apr 2015 by martinfish

Two Fishmas Parties for the price of none
Fish schism leads to Roman-style knees-ups in both counties
10 Dec 2014 by martinfish

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