They Slept Where They Fell
Hobbit gig review...
27 May 2006 by martinfish

We're Garbage in Guildford
City Club gig review...
02 May 2006 by martinfish

Screaming Shits After Shotley
weekend's gigs reviewed...
25 Apr 2006 by martinfish

Hobgoblin gig moves to Sunday
23rd April that is
08 Apr 2006 by martinfish

Return to Shoreham in the Rain
Duke of Wellington gig review...
28 Mar 2006 by martinfish

Off The Sick Bed...
and up the Pole - St Patrick's Party Review
21 Mar 2006 by martinfish

Gallery updated...
On top of the forty-something photos I uploaded with the launch on the new site, I've just added another 26 to the gallery. The origins and photographers of a lot are unknown, so leave a comment in the gallery if you know more than we do.
02 Mar 2006 by gristy

New site
Read all about it...
01 Mar 2006 by gristy

Hold tight little fishies...
I'm uploading the new site. Things may go missing or start changing. Don't be scared, it should all make more sense in a few days.
01 Mar 2006 by gristy

Fish Review in Latest 7
Proper gig review from Polar Bar Central...
28 Feb 2006 by martinfish

Three Pound Five a Pint?!
Cut down ginger Fish in Neighbours shock (gig review)
13 Feb 2006 by gristy

Your Fish Photos Required!
Please email any Fish Brothers related photos to The revamp will mean photos will become a more intergral part of the design and I know Martin's keen to boost the site's gallery section aswell.
07 Feb 2006 by gristy

All's All Right in Aldershot
weekend gig review...
07 Feb 2006 by martinfish

Bingo Balls Up
Snowbound and silent in the depths of Whitehawk...
31 Jan 2006 by martinfish

Caked in Cakeboy
Hobgoblin gig review
24 Jan 2006 by martinfish

Have Your Say in the Fish Site Revamp
Head towards that message board...
05 Jan 2006 by martinfish

Happy New Year Everyone
Happy New York to all Fish Folk everywhere.
05 Jan 2006 by martinfish

Play Up Pompey
Guildhall gig review...
20 Dec 2005 by martinfish

Southwick OFF; Pompey ON
All change to this Sundays schedule…
15 Dec 2005 by martinfish

What a Weekend!
Hobgob, Stroud & Swindon review…
15 Dec 2005 by martinfish

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