The site looks
flipping fantastic.

Top work mr grist.

Don't i look lovely on the toilet in the shop?
02 Mar 2005 by martinfish

The "Fishbox"
At the bottom of the page you should be able to see the fish brothers very own jukebox, which will allow you to sample some of their rubbish. Give it a few seconds to load all the music, if you try and play it before hand you may only get little clips, if you're on dial up internet, don't even bother!
The music has been compressed for internet use and believe it or not, doesn't represent the quality of The Fish Brothers' CDs.

Please note: you need a flash player installed on your computer to use the "Fishbox," please click here to get one! Once you've downloaded it, click refresh at the top of this window and you should be away!

Also: some browsers block active content such as the "The Fishbox" from appearing. If so, then there will be a message just under the address bar which you can right/ctrl click on and allow the blocked content.
28 Feb 2005 by gristy

New Web site
Big thank you to gristy the site looks great so far, looking forward to seeing myself wearing a nappy
28 Feb 2005 by babydavid

Welcome to the new Fish Brothers website!
Use the menu above to navigate around the site. You'll be able to find out about the band, find out when we're coming to a town near you, look at our ugly mugs, listen to clips of our rubbish and buy the latest merchandise...
28 Feb 2005 by gristy

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