2019 — AUDI
Design System
Redesigning a key acquisition feature on the Audi platform
An analytics audit provided by Sophos gave the ‘models’ app on the Audi platform an engagement score of 28 (industry standard being 48).  Additional analytics analysis illustrated a high bounce rate meaning few users were moving towards lead generation points such as ‘Book a test drive’ and ‘Configure your Audi’ from the app.
Whilst I have experience conducting user research myself; on this project customer insights were provided to me by the product and research team. I took their findings and distilled them into an empathy map as an input for the design process.
Empathy map illustrating the customer mindset
As the lead end-to-end designer on the project; I worked very closely with the Audi product, marketing, compliance and engineering teams to understand a variety of opportunities and constraints inc. data sources, commercial insights, content models, legacy code/design, production costs, content volume and time.

My outputs were scamps, wires, high-fidelity prototypes plus user-testing, build QA and overseeing content production in UAT.
Initial scamps to begin refinement process with product team
Noting observations from user testing
A testing problems report I created (including potential design solutions)
My final designs and specification for engineers
Final product
The new app was launched early March 2020. Initial performance indicators suggest a big improvement.

Success is being measured by key analytics such as time on page, scroll behaviour, onward actions, load time etc. I agreed these with the business and product team before design.
Whilst we wait for analytics to inform any design optimisation; work has begun on future releases of the app. I have worked closely with the research and product team to start to flesh out new features as well as trying to find customer needs myself.

I have switched into lower fidelity mediums again to share potential solutions for  future enhancements with the wider team. I am always careful to version control designs to help engineers and product owners.
Initial wires for new enhancement
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