2017 — FOBO
Service & Product Design
Bringing data to the amateur game
In 2017 I designed and built a digitally powered 5-a-side football service from scratch. It was based on the sentiment that technology, statistics and replays needn’t be exclusive to the professional game.
Communications to explain the high level concept
I did some customer research upfront, running a quantitative survey to try and validate overall product/market fit and the potential value of specific features to players. It was a small sample size but results were positive and I was enthusiastic.
Trying to validate product/market fit
I created an end-to-end digital service including…
the conceptualisation of the business and customer validation of features
creating a minimum-viable-brand
designing and coding a fully-functional platform (myself) inc. integration with connected objects
building a back-end data model in Airtable for statistics
running test days
From concept to real-world experiences
The platform itself allowed players to see their match and career stats as well as watch replays of each game.

Team statistics were also available, for example team distance covered and sprints made.

The link to the platform below is indicative of the data points available to the player for the MVP of the service. The data was gathered on a test day I ran shortly after the platform was complete.
Airtable back-end + handwritten front-end = player stats platform
With a fully functional end-to-end service the next challenge was to scale the business. I have drawn up a roadmap, a future business model and I'm considering seeking investment.
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