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Helping millions of U.S. citizens start filing their annual tax return
Jackson Hewitt are a U.S. business that help millions of Americans with their tax return every year. With over 6,000 stores they have a large retail footprint however the business wanted to become more digitally orientated. I spent 3 months in New York helping them prepare for the forthcoming season tax season and putting the foundations in for further digital growth.

I joined the project after the U.S. business and London design agency (We Are Friday) had created a ‘target customer experience’ which identified customer pain points and business opportunities.
I worked closely with the product, commercial and engineering teams in America on parts of the wider customer journey including key online conversion tools such as ‘Refund Advance’ & ‘Book an appointment’. The value of these tools to the business was hugely significant because of the sheer volume of media spend and customers passing through these funnels. As an end-to-end designer my outputs included various mediums from sketches through to high-fidelity production-ready designs.
Sketching out key flows from the target customer experience
Flow diagram for ‘Book an appointment’
Final UI designs for various key flows
With a finite amount of time to do business every year, the pressure during season is an experience I won’t forget. Daily reviews of analytics and design optimisation went on for 6 weeks. During January & February (peak season) the business saw some huge gains YoY.
The business saw huge improvement in key metrics
As a contractor my work ended at the end of the tax season however I left with learnings that I would have been keen to apply the following year.  

I also left having put design infrastructure in place within the business through the form of a design system. I led the creation of the and as part of that; a new look and feel for the business - true their new brand values. This included running workshops to audit current UI and get stakeholder feedback. It has helped the business build out digital touch points quickly and efficiently.
UI audit workshop
Design System documentation
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