Product Design
Shaping acquisition & discovery for a new sports content start-up
Otro were a SaaS start-up looking to launch their first product and acquire users. Their mission was to give consumers a look inside the world of professional football. I worked for a few months on key parts of the launch MVP.
As a new designer I was initially asked by the product team to map out flows leveraging social platforms designed to attract and convert users into registered ones. As primarily a content/communications exercise, I did some quick research into each social platform to understand which mediums tend to perform best on each.
I sketched out a variety of scenarios designed to acquire different types of users in different channels.
Multi-channel scenario mapping for user acquisition
Flow diagram of multi-channel acquisition flow for Otro channels
Wires of Twitter acquistion flow for players
The business saw immediate user base growth and today have 1m+ followers across social platforms and a large number of registered users.
I then designed a key feature of the product. ‘Discover’ became central to the app and helped users access different types of content as the core experience.
With time at a premium, I conducted secondary research methods only. I reviewed successful content platforms; analysing how they enabled content discovery and what features they offered.
Content discovery analysis
Mapping out the core experience of the MVP
Helping define the content model
‘Discover’ wireframe, components and roadmap
The app launched successfully and acquired +250,000 users. Unfortunately as a contractor my involvement was short, however I left leaving several features on the product roadmap.
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